2015년 1월 29일 목요일

2015년 1월 26일 월요일

UXA-90 Performance System in Chuncheon

We supplied a UXA-90 performance system to a client in Chuncheon in Korea.
Please check the video below and contact me if you have any questions.

2015년 1월 22일 목요일

Robot playing a xylophone

One of our robot users created a robot playing a xylophone.
Please check out an interesting video below!

2015년 1월 21일 수요일

5720T on Dutch TV commercial !

Our 5720T was appeared on a Dutch TV commercial.
Please check out the video below which is very interesting.

2015년 1월 18일 일요일

UXA-90 went to Kinokuni, Japan

UXA-90 went to Kinokuni, Japan to Join the Robot Festival.
Here are some photos, and ICROS(Institute of Control, robotics and systems) brought and joined the festival.

Photographed by ICROS(

2015년 1월 4일 일요일

WCRC Pre-League Highlights @ Exco, Daegu (2014.11.20.~22.)

This is a video highlight from WCRC(World Creative Robot  Contest) Robot competition held last Nov, 2014 in Korea.
You can also see our robots, 5720T, RQ+KIT and RQ-HUNO from the video.

Created by Robot Education Contents Association in Korea