2014년 12월 22일 월요일

Prize Winning Robot using our RQ+kit's parts at IROC 2014

The subject of this year's IROC is "Robot, Stop Global warming!". One of our users who is a middle school student created this concept robot that gathers iron-shavings and spread on the sea in order to multiply plankton to prevent global warming.
Most contenders were from high-schools but this middle school student did good presentation and won the Best functionality award.
The robot in the video is a proto-type, so it looks not perfect in the video, but still quite interesting.
The robot is based on our RQ+kit parts and servo motors, and it seems he also used some metal frames from other type of kits to build the main structure.

2014년 12월 18일 목요일

Robot Soccer: RQ-HUNO 3 on 3 Robot Soccer Play

Our RQ-HUNO can be the best choice for robot soccer play.
Please check out the video of 3 on 3 RQ-HUNO soccer play !

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2014년 12월 16일 화요일

Robot Arm using SAM5/28/210(brazo de robot,机器人手臂,ロボットアーム)

This video is about a robotic arm using our servo motor, SAM-5, SAM-28, SAM-210.

FYI, this is a proto-type and not for sale.

For more details, please contact at

RQ-HUNO : One of the smallest and fastest humanoid in the world.


This is one of the smallest and fastest humanoid robot in the world.

Check our some videos made by our partner companies in the world !

Robot Shop in Netherland

Cogibot in France

Vstone in Japan

Juguetronica in Spain

For more details, please contact at

2014년 12월 11일 목요일

2014년 12월 9일 화요일

Customized RQ-HUNO

One of our users customized RQ-HUNO's color :)
Maybe other users can get some ideas from this..

Dancing Robot performance at Korea-Malaysia Robotics Day(踊るロボット,robot bailando)

ICROS(Institute of Control, Robotics and Systems) brought our robots to the event for Korea-Malaysia Robotics Industry day at Hilton Kuala Lumpur on Nov 13th, 2014.

Please check out some pics from the event.

Pictured by ICROS

2014년 12월 8일 월요일

Smart Actuator Module_SAM Series(サーボモータ,伺服电机)

The world’s first innovative Smart Actuator Module

The world’s first Double shaft system
Double shaft system makes superior design and assembly methods.

The world’s first self-running motion (patented)
All S.A.M series can run without any additional controller.

The world’s first external I/O port (patented)
Build-in I/O port makes easier expansion of peripheral devices.

Full PID controller
P.I.P gain can be tuned based on load status.

Single bus connection
All S.A.M series using daisy-chain topology can be linked by single bus

For more details, please email at 
or you could visit

2014년 12월 2일 화요일

Some Pics from 2014 WCRC Competition in Daegu city, Korea

Some Robobuilder users got good scores at 2014 WCRC Competition in Daegu, Korea.
*Humanoid Dance competition
The first place: RQ-HUNO
The second place: 5720T
The fourth place: 5720T
*Humanoid Hockey
The fourth place: 5720T
Quarter Final: 5720T


2014년 12월 1일 월요일

Robot Biathlon & Traverse Kit for 5720T (ROBOT冬季两项,ロボットバイアスロン)

This article is based on 5720T's biathlon version 2014.

 Show how to do missions.
1. 5720T Biathlon Gripper is an optional parts for 2014 International Robot Olympiad Biathlon and Traverse games.
2. 1 set of gripper can join both biathlon and traverse by modifying RBC firmware.
3. Additionally, wireless RF controller is required.

 Detail of Grip parts

UXA-90: Commercialized 1m(3.3ft) Biped Robot !! (二足歩行ロボット,双足机器人)

UXA-90 is a commercialized biped robot. Please check out its unique features from the video below.

2014 Creative Korea Exhibition

We joined 2014 Creative Korea at KOEX Seoul from Nov 27 to Nov 30.
Here are some photos from the exhibition.
 Motion Suit
 Motion suit & UXA-90
 Robot-hand & proto-types
5720T Biathlon type